Wednesday, February 24, 2010

While on the subject of art...

I am not particularly knowledgeable about art nor was I ever really interested in it until I worked on a project for a couple in Los Angeles. They were huge contemporary art collectors and had amazing pieces from some of the worlds most famous artists. Helping them decorate their home was like an education in art as I got to see paintings by Francis Bacon, Milton Avery, Picasso, Matisse... just to name a few. I have such great memories from this project as Brian, my former boss, and I flew out to LA (from NY) every month for almost 3 years. At the end I was living there more than in NY and almost had a permanent suite at the W Hotel. We stayed at amazing hotels, ate at celebrity filled restaurants and really had a great time traveling together. That project brought us closer together and gave us an incredible working relationship that I will treasure forever. Brian and I are really similar in the way we like to work and like things a particular way. We are very specific and extremely detail oriented. We came up with some of the best ideas together and could basically read each-others minds in terms of what we envisioned for certain clients.

The pictures above show some of the rooms, including the exterior of the house seen from the pool.

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