Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Free art

One of the many things I love about New York is that the city continuously offers its residents endless things to do for anyone who is interested. There are shows on Broadway, concerts at Carnegie Hall, movie theaters in every neighborhood, museums for all kinds of art and restaurants and nightlife to keep us all busy and never bored. You don´t have to have a lot of money either, because there are always events or exhibits throughout the city that are completely free of charge. Yep, that´s right... totally gratis! In the summertime the city arranges free concerts in Central Park and also puts on plays by Shakespeare which is happily attended by many locals. Some museums don´t collect an entrance fee but rather ask the visitor if they would like to make a small donation and any amount is welcomed. One of my favorite freebees in the city is the amazing art that is exhibited in the most unlikely places, so you can enjoy some beautiful art while just walking around. The median on Park Avenue is often host to many sculptures for everyone to admire as is the underground transportation.

Those of you who have been to New York may recognize these cute little creatures, sculpted by Tom Otterness, which makes riding the subway back and forth to work a whole other experience. Otterness also does private commissions and has installed a giant tinman for a children´s playground. Wouldn´t your kids like to play there?!

For more information, please visit Tom´s website

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