Friday, February 12, 2010

Kristina kombinerar (K´s combination).... a boys bedroom

In my old job in New York I would shop fabrics all day long at the D & D and come back to the office with tons of bags, full of fabric samples. With our beautiful conference room at my disposal, I had all afternoon and evening to combine colors and patterns and create the perfect mix for a client presentation. I would pin fabrics up on the cork board and lay out in piles all over our parchment colored conference table, separated by either color, pattern or texture.

I thought I could do a mini version online and show my readers how fun it is to mix and match. I have pulled together some fabrics that I think work so well together. I have always loved blue and greens and this combo is perfectly grounded with a dark yummi brown wool carpet.

A tufted headboard and armless slipper chair makes the room a little more grown up, yet playfull with the use of pattern and color.. ideal for a little boy´s room with some room to grow.

Blue solid - tufted headboard
Green - accent pillows and possibly wall color (in a lighter shade of green)
Blue and white chevron pattern - straight hanging curtains with french pleated heading
Round circles - Armless slipper chair

white slipper chair -
tufted headboard - neiman marcus

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