Wednesday, February 24, 2010

While on the subject of art...

I am not particularly knowledgeable about art nor was I ever really interested in it until I worked on a project for a couple in Los Angeles. They were huge contemporary art collectors and had amazing pieces from some of the worlds most famous artists. Helping them decorate their home was like an education in art as I got to see paintings by Francis Bacon, Milton Avery, Picasso, Matisse... just to name a few. I have such great memories from this project as Brian, my former boss, and I flew out to LA (from NY) every month for almost 3 years. At the end I was living there more than in NY and almost had a permanent suite at the W Hotel. We stayed at amazing hotels, ate at celebrity filled restaurants and really had a great time traveling together. That project brought us closer together and gave us an incredible working relationship that I will treasure forever. Brian and I are really similar in the way we like to work and like things a particular way. We are very specific and extremely detail oriented. We came up with some of the best ideas together and could basically read each-others minds in terms of what we envisioned for certain clients.

The pictures above show some of the rooms, including the exterior of the house seen from the pool.

Free art

One of the many things I love about New York is that the city continuously offers its residents endless things to do for anyone who is interested. There are shows on Broadway, concerts at Carnegie Hall, movie theaters in every neighborhood, museums for all kinds of art and restaurants and nightlife to keep us all busy and never bored. You don´t have to have a lot of money either, because there are always events or exhibits throughout the city that are completely free of charge. Yep, that´s right... totally gratis! In the summertime the city arranges free concerts in Central Park and also puts on plays by Shakespeare which is happily attended by many locals. Some museums don´t collect an entrance fee but rather ask the visitor if they would like to make a small donation and any amount is welcomed. One of my favorite freebees in the city is the amazing art that is exhibited in the most unlikely places, so you can enjoy some beautiful art while just walking around. The median on Park Avenue is often host to many sculptures for everyone to admire as is the underground transportation.

Those of you who have been to New York may recognize these cute little creatures, sculpted by Tom Otterness, which makes riding the subway back and forth to work a whole other experience. Otterness also does private commissions and has installed a giant tinman for a children´s playground. Wouldn´t your kids like to play there?!

For more information, please visit Tom´s website

Monday, February 22, 2010


The artist in action on her NY kitchen floor

I have written before telling you about Lulu DK´s amazing fabrics that I am so honored to have in my little showroom here in Stockholm. I also wanted to show you some art that she has done which she so generously shares with us in her latest book Lulu. I highly recommend all of you to run out and buy it if you haven´t done so already. It´s the most inspirational book I have ever purchased and I can never tire of looking through it. It´s a collection of incredible collages that are full of color and pattern and really shows how talented and creative she is. The cover alone is so beautiful you just want to have it permanently out on your coffee table for viewing at all times.

Now I just wish I could have one of the originals collages on my wall!

Functional art

As opposed to the chairs I posted before, I´m not sure if I could place these so easily in an interior but I think a client with a sense of humor would really "get" these. They are such fun and really defines functional art.

I don´t think I am open enough to have one in my home, but they´re a hoot.

Image 1 -
Image 2 - uknown (hip hop artist Pharrell posing on red plastic legs)


Pietro Arosio - wicker and steel bar chair from Tacchimi Italia

Arne Jacobsen "Egg Chair"

"Egg Chair and "Sjuan" -

Classic Bertoia bar chairs in a sleek contemporary kitchen

I would usually tend to describe my style as classic meets contemporary and the really modern furniture pieces usually don´t find their way into that category. But every now and then I do love a really nice sleek modern piece. For me it´s all about good balance, and mixing old with new makes a room come to life and give it much more personality.
Here are some examples of amazing chairs that you can most likely find a place for in any style of interior.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Kelly Wearstler

A while back I posted some photos from Maison 140 in Beverly Hills that designer Kelly Wearstler decorated. I thought I´d share some pictures of her own estate in LA that is the most incredible and lavishly decorated home I have seen. The materials and details in this house are amazing and I love the mix of styles put in to each room. Glamour galor!!

image 1 & 2 -
image 3 & 4 - Vogue
image 5 -

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Old sofa - new fabric

I found these images on one of my favorite blogs.. absolutely beautiful things, and thought it was such a great marriage of old and new. If you have an old piece of furniture or upholstery that you think has seen its better days, the best way to give it a facelift is with a new fabric. Rita Konig, daughter of Nina Campbell (the famous textile designer), has recovered her old sofa and given it a whole new look. This fabric is by China Seas and although it has a modern sensibility, looks great on her antique furniture. Makes such a difference!

Rita Konig used to be part of the great Domino team (the incredible magazine that unfortunately went out of business) and now blogs for the New York Times.

China Seas has a huge collection of great prints and can now be seen in my shop. Please visit me for samples and more info. (click on Textiles/fabrics.. and quadrille)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pic of the week

I fell in love with this incredible photograph taken by photographer Ngoc Minh Ngo. Born in Vietnam and educated in Europe and the U.S, Ngoc Minh Ngo now resides in New York City where she captures some of the city´s vibe with her lense.
Check out more on her own website

Sunday, February 14, 2010


image 1 - lelove blog
image 2 - william sonoma

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Friday, February 12, 2010

Kristina kombinerar (K´s combination).... a boys bedroom

In my old job in New York I would shop fabrics all day long at the D & D and come back to the office with tons of bags, full of fabric samples. With our beautiful conference room at my disposal, I had all afternoon and evening to combine colors and patterns and create the perfect mix for a client presentation. I would pin fabrics up on the cork board and lay out in piles all over our parchment colored conference table, separated by either color, pattern or texture.

I thought I could do a mini version online and show my readers how fun it is to mix and match. I have pulled together some fabrics that I think work so well together. I have always loved blue and greens and this combo is perfectly grounded with a dark yummi brown wool carpet.

A tufted headboard and armless slipper chair makes the room a little more grown up, yet playfull with the use of pattern and color.. ideal for a little boy´s room with some room to grow.

Blue solid - tufted headboard
Green - accent pillows and possibly wall color (in a lighter shade of green)
Blue and white chevron pattern - straight hanging curtains with french pleated heading
Round circles - Armless slipper chair

white slipper chair -
tufted headboard - neiman marcus

Creepy crawlers

Who would have thought bugs would be such cool decorating accents? I fell in love with John Derian´s bug plates and have sort of continued the trend in my shop with black leggy animals. I just got a new delivery today with the coolest pillows... with.. you guessed it... some more bugs.

Best of all, these little 40 x 40 pillows are a bargain at 295 kr. including pillow insert.
Plates start at 495 kr.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pic of the week..

I´ve decided to start something new on my blog... picture of the week. Some are taken by me, some by others, but I wanted to share a picture every week that means something to me.

so the first picture I´m posting is a picture I took during my last trip to NY. I love this bar.. its atmosphere, its vibe, its great food.. and especially how it´s designed.

Super simple, super chic and just all around cool.

It´s most definitely worth a visit when you are in town..

Thursday, February 4, 2010

25 % rabatt på soffbord

90 cm diameter soffbord av mangoträ. Mörkbetsad brun/svart.

Ordinarie pris : 4,500

Reapris : 3,375

*borden har små fraktskador

Endast 2 bord kvar