Thursday, May 26, 2011

Family tree of great American designers!

In the April issue of House Beautiful, the magazine maps out the history of great American Designers in a family tree. And I am extremely proud to say my former boss is right up there!!.. the incredible Mr. Brian McCarthy.

Mother´s day (in Sweden) present

Present tips.. Underbara "designade" trädgårdshandskar. Varför inte ge bort ett litet kit med en liten trädgårdsbok och ett par handskar i en härlig färg.

Just nu : Bok rea!! 20% avdrages i kassan på samtliga böcker

What I want on my wall ...

This amazing photograph by Massimo Vitali, (1944 Italian) of the Butterfly Valley/Turkey, is an edition of 6 and is selling for a humble 25,000 Euro. A great size at 5 x 6 ft. this would be a stunner in your dining room or above your sofa. Now this is what I would love on my wall... imagine gazing at this and almost feeling the refreshing blue water and sunshine on your face. Just close your eyes and you can almost be in the picture...

for more info check out and search on the artists name.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

My latest Tv - guest appearance!

Check out the amazing colors and fantastic fabrics in my latest Tv-show appearance..
Don´t hesitate to contact me for more information if you have specific questions about the material used in the show.
.. sorry about the language barrier for some..but I hope you got some inspiration anyway.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

TV4 - nyhetsmorgon 21 maj

Nu när våren är i full gång och sommaren närmar sig med stormsteg, då blir jag som mest inspirerad. Jag vill genast ta bort de murriga kuddarna och plädarna och byta ut dem mot fräschare färger och somriga mönster.

Missa inte Nyhetsmorgon på TV4 nu på lördag, 21 maj, då jag medverkar som inredninsexpert och ska visa er några av mina favorittyger och inspirera er till att våga blanda mönster och färger hej vilt.

Det blir garanterat en inspirerande morgon så ta en kopp kaffe, gör lite god frukost och slå er ner i soffan.

* tar ni en välförtjänt sovmorgon kan ni även se programmet på

Friday, May 6, 2011

Kerri Russel - Brooklyn brownstone

I have loved her ever since Felicity which brings me way back to my college days.... ah the knitted sweaters! She´s beautiful, super talented and has such a cool, down to earth vibe about her.... plus she lives in my old neck of the woods.. Brooklyn.

Here´s a sneak peak at her gorgeous Brooklyn townhouse which she shares with husband Shane Deary and their son, River. How cool is that name!!