About me

I was born in Stockholm, Sweden but moved to Naples, Florida with my family at the age of 12. My parents plan was to build a house in north Naples in a beautiful golfing community and while the house was being built we stayed in Olde Naples, just a couple of blocks from the beach.

My parents were constantly reviewing architectural plans for the new house and I sat beside them quickly gaining an interest for the design world. I remember having many opinions and ideas about what the house would look like and I think this is where my love for design started. 

My first trip to New York was with my family when I was about 17. I fell in love with the city and decided then, that one day, I would live there. I graduated from High School in Florida and moved to New England to go to college. As soon as I got my degree (in Marketing) I packed up my Honda and drove down to New York City and moved in to a 1 bedroom apartment in Brooklyn. 

I started looking for jobs and finally interviewed with a small interior design firm in Midtown, just one block from Central Park, and thought I had come to heaven. This was my dream job! We instantly hit it off and a month later I was hired. I started out as an assistant to the senior designers on staff and learning the difference between gimps and braids and damasks and brocades. With a degree in business, I didnt know anything about fabrics or furniture but had a good eye for it and learned very quickly. One year later I was working side by side with Brian McCarthy (previously a partner at the legendary firm Parish-Hadley) on some of the firms most important accounts. 

I had the dream job, and loved coming to work every day. 9 years later (and after a total of 19 years in the U.S) my work permits had run out and I had to return to Sweden. I was devastated, having to leave New York and my life there. 

Here I am today, in Stockholm, two years later with my own decorating shop and design business. It´s coming along really well, but I am trying to be patient, knowing that it takes years to get established. Although I miss New York, I never would have started my own business if I hadn´t left the states. I am excited and happy about this opportunity and am hopeful for the future (as long as I get to travel back to New York a few times a year).

I hope you enjoy reading my blog and find some inspiration in the photos and entries that I post.