Friday, April 30, 2010

Too darn cute..

It doesn´t get more symmetrical than this!

Object of desire

I love this "I LOVE NY" poster...
where do I get one of those?

Photo from Domino

New York Real Estate

Moving to NY can be overwhelming but certainly very exciting. With such a huge city and so many amazing neighborhoods to choose from.. where do you settle down? New York Magazine wrote an article on the subject and I was glad to see that in the very first paragraph the writer had picked Brooklyn Heights as his home when moving to the big apple from Chicago.

For me it has always been THE best neighborhood in NY. It´s historic and so beautiful, calm and just a stone throw away from much busier Manhattan. Tree lined streets with gorgeous townhouses and a view of the city that can´t be found anywhere else. I loved living there and can highly recommend it to anyone considering the borough of Brooklyn as a place to live. And if you are just going to NY for a visit rather than a permanent move, then take a day and wander around the cute streets and walk down to Dumbo and have lunch at the best pizza place in the city : Grimaldis! It´s unbeatable! I´d kill for a piece right now.. yum.

Click here to read the article!

Photo from NY Magazine - Real Estate issue

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Make a lasting first impression!

The entry or front hall of your home is the very first thing someone sees when visiting your house for the first time so make it special and make a lasting first impression. It´s in the entrance that your guests get a feel for who you are and what the rest of the house will look like.

Don´t be afraid to be bold and use strong colors, paint the floor in a cool pattern, use console tables for a spot to drop your keys and decorate with mirrors or a matching pair of lamps. Last but not least, put some focus on great accessories that say something extra about your personal style, like the fun Owl umbrella stand. There´s nothing more boring than inpersonal homes, so have fun with it and make it a reflection of who you are!

top photo : Kelly Wearstler,
all remaining photos from House Beautiful

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Chevron pattern

I am a sucker for strong, bold patterns and this is on top of the list of my favorites (it may even beat the infamous greek key).

Here´s some great examples....

from top : KWID, Madeline Weinrib, hallway picture unknown, Jonathan Adler, last pic unknown

Kelly Wearstler - Profile in Style

For those of you who have read my blog before, you will not be surprised to see me writing about the amazing Kelly Wearstler.. yet again. I can´t get enough of her! Check out the Profile in Style in the New York Times by clicking on the link below...
NY Times

Don´t you just love that incredible wallcovering!? It´s completely nuts but so brilliant.. and with the painting on top of that? Not many would dare to combine the two. So cool!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cool new candlestick

I tend to be drawn to quirky and unique things and this candlestick with a porcelain sea urchin on octopus legs was no exception. It´s so different!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Design Online

K & Co. is now introducing "Design Online" - an online design program for people across the globe who would like to receive decorating consultation but are not in the Stockholm area. Send me your questions and pictures of the room or place you would like to decorate, and I will give you detailed responses and advise on what to do and how to transform your room from ordinary to extraordinary, from drab to fab.. well you get the idea.

For more information about rates and the design process, email your inquiries to

Friday, April 16, 2010

Design legend - Billy Baldwin

"A person with real flair is a gambler at heart"
Billy Baldwin, 1903-1983

Billy Baldwin has become synonymous with American design. A true design legend, Baldwin had a fresh approach to decorating, favoring straight lines, hard edged and edited interiors over the overly ornate and ostentatious. Some of his staples are plain draperies, white plaster lamps, off white rugs, geometric patterns and dark lacquered walls. One of his most famous pieces is the armless boxy slipper chair, which every designer I know uses in one project or the other.
Over two decades since his passing, designers today are still influenced by his ideas and will continue to look to him for inspiration.

Photo : Architectural Digest
To read more about Billy Baldwin, go to

New shipment from John Derian

I love receiving shipments from vendors.. getting to open up each box and unveiling the beautiful things that are inside. Having placed orders a few weeks back, it´s so exciting to unpack and get reminded of the beautiful things I picked out and redecorate the shop with the new treasures.
Yesterday I received two big boxes from John Derian and as always, it was a treat to dig into. Lots of paperweights and little trays. Some with motifs that I´ve had before and some are brand new.. so come on in and have a look. I try to pick out a nice variety of things so I only buy one of each.. or two if it´s a bestseller.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Design spotlight - Kate Spade

I remember seeing my first Kate Spade bag... simple, elegant and understated. Since opening her fist shop in Soho in 1993, the brand has expanded to a global name with shops all over the world. Her collections are fresh, colorful and incredibley chic... and besides offering gorgeous women´s shoes and accessories she now has a beautiful collection of bed linens. I can´t wait for this to hit Sweden...

Have a look at her equally stylish home that she shares with husband and business partner, Andy Spade.

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Tufting - a staying trend

I love upholstery and the more custom the better. I was really fortunate to work with some of the best upholstery makers in New York city and miss the process of selecting a great model and influencing the outcome of really beautiful upholstery pieces, completely custom made for a client. Good design is all about the details...

I have always loved tufting and I think it adds such a beautiful detail to a piece of furniture. Tufted dining chairs, tufted benches, and tufted headboards, anything tufted and it´s got my attention. Both contemporary and more classical styles are pretty and depending what fabric is used, it can make such a statement.
The pictures above are a few nice examples...

pictures... from top : decorpad,,unknown,decorpad

Friday, April 9, 2010

Parisian flair on the Upper East Side

New York interior designer Paula Caravelli has captured true Parisian style in her Upper East Side Manhattan apartment. Coming from a family of artists and musicians there was no surprise that Caravelli chose decorating as her profession. Caravelli, a master at mixing traditional furniture with contemporary pieces and modern art, says she doesn´t like trends. If she doesn´t love it, it´s not going in her home, nor in her clients´, she says.
My motto exactly...

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