Wednesday, April 7, 2010

NYC - forever changing

Every time I go back to NY I am fascinated by how much the city changes. There are new shops and restaurants on every corner, there are bike paths all over the city (for those brave enough) and even though it´s one of the worlds biggest cities, I feel like it´s getting cleaner every day. It´s constantly improving and becoming more "user friendly" with more signs showing people where to go, and "tourist stations" with local maps and directions. Big streets like Broadway and Fith Avenue (by the Flat Iron building) have sectioned off parts of the street with planters and have scattered cafe chairs all around for people to bring their lunch and take a much needed break from the office. Even down in meatpacking where taxis and cars were zooming through the streets, they have planters with trees and made it more pedestrian, which is great for all those party people on the weekend.

With all these changes for the better, I hope New York City retains it´s industrial charm and keeps some of the amazing old buildings that are such an important part to the city´s history. To balance the new glass buildings and clean streets there has to be some of the gritty and dirty left to remind us of old New York.

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