Friday, November 19, 2010

My shop has moved...

They say bigger is better... but in this case smaller works better for me. I have moved my shop to a much smaller space and I am so excited. It was a quick move and over a span of 3 days we had painted, moved millions of boxes and re-decorated the new space. Needless to say... I am happy it´s Friday and I can relax for a bit.

Please check out my new and very much improved website. Same adress as before, but a new look. Many thanks to my talented brother who can now add webdesigner to his list of accomplishments.

My new address in Stockholm for those of you close by to visit :

Upplandsgatan 36
113 28 Stockholm

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hello yellow!!!

Lately I have been obsessed with yellow. It just brightens everything up and is such a happy color.
In my new shop (move in date to be announced soon...) I am going to have gray walls and long gorgeous yellow velvet curtains, topped off with some black accent furniture and gorgeous accessories.

Here´s some great spaces where they have used the color really well.

Friday, November 5, 2010

How to : pick a paint color

Picking the right paint color can be super tricky. Whether you are picking colors for a room in your apartment, the shutters around the windows on your house... or in my case at the moment... a background color for my new website, finding that perfect color is not so easy.

I always turn to Farrow & Ball who makes such beautiful colors and was happy to find these handy color or "mood" boards which were a great help.
Come back to these the next time you need to repaint and your color picking process will be much more enjoyable.

For more inspiration... pick up their latest book, Living with Color by Ros Byam Shaw, Ryland Peters & Small which is packed with interiors showing their color collection. Best of all, every room gives references to each Farrow & Ball paint !

Helpful tip : Always buy a small sample pot and test the paint on your wall before purchasing several gallons. Live with it for a couple of days before painting the whole room as the different lights during the day will alter the color. If you love the color as much in the daytime as the evening you are good to go.

If you have more questions or want more advise on how to pick the perfect paint color for you, you can email me at

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Perfect pattern

I´m in love with this pattern from Lulu DK´s gorgeous fabric line. It´s simple, chic and comes in fabulous colors. I´m currently working on a design for a client´s bedroom and am thinking about proposing this on the headboard (in the soft tan and light blue colorway). I think she´ll love it.