Design Online Program

K & Co. is now offering “Design Online”, an abbreviated design service for customers who would like the help of a proffesional interior decorator but without the expensive price tag. 

It works like this... 
Send us an email with a brief description of what you are looking to do including the following information... 
What type of space you would like to design
Inspiration photos of types of interiors you like, colors and materials that appeal to you 
Measurements of your space or room
Photos of your space and existing pieces you would like to keep and a list of what you are willing to get rid of
A general idea of how much you are willing to spend on the project (which gives me a guideline for what types of things to suggest)

What we provide:
 * A detailed furniture plan suggesting placement of floor covering, furniture and lighting
 * A mood board with photos, fabrics, finish and paint information
 * A detailed shopping list of items to be purchased and where to get them, based  on your budget 

What does this cost? 
Living Room, Dining room, Bedroom - starting at 6,000 kr. (approximately 900 usd)
Kitchens and hallways starting at 4,500 kr. (approximately 700 usd)
Misc. small spaces starting at 4,000 kr. (approximately 650 usd)
Above cost are approximates and a starting fee for each room. Each project is reviewed individually and costs may change depending on size and work involved.
If you are looking to re-design multiple rooms or larger areas, please contact me for a special design quote. 
A complete design package including all above information will be sent out approximately 2-4 weeks from receipt of payment. 
All payments are non-refundable. 

Guideline on how to measure your room :

and how to measure your furniture :

Current Design Online Projects :

Family residence in Skåne, Sweden
Master Bedroom, Upper West Side NYC


''Vi är verkligen nöjda med hur vardagsrummet blivit så här långt, det ska bli jättespännande och måla om också. Det är otroligt roligt när vi båda får känslan av att ja, just ja, det var ju så här vi skulle ha gjort   om vi bara vetat hur. Nu har vi fått det precis som vi vill ha det. Stort tack Kristina!''
                                                         - Pia / Skåne