Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pic of the week..

I haven´t posted my favorite picture of the week in a long time so I thought I´d do that today.
Tomorrow is a national holiday in Sweden when we celebrate summer and eat, drink and sing all day long. I love Midsummer, and this year, my boyfriend and I are heading down to the west coast of Sweden for a long weekend at his family´s house by the ocean. It´s one of my favorite places... sand dunes and cliffs and the most serene national park that stretches all along the waterline. All of this just a hop and skip away from the house. The landscape down there is so beautiful and this time of year the park is filled with horses that are let out there for the summer. The nature is completely unspoiled and people take good care in keeping it that way. Here´s a picture I took last summer we were there... I think one day I might blow it up really big and hang on the wall at home since I love horses.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Come on... let´s have some color!

photo : via Shannon Fricke´s blog

A lot of my customers who come to the shop say they are so tired of every Swedish magazine showing images of colorless homes... the typical Swedish, bland, all white interior. I say let´s do something about that... come on people!! let´s have some color!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

K & Co. celebrates 1 year in business!

Opening week 2009
Photo by Karin Björkquist for Elle Interiör

1 year anniversary 2010
Foto by me

This month marks the 1 year anniversary of my business and retail shop in Stockholm. I had a little get together in the shop last night with friends, clients and customers and was thrilled to see so many show up. Thanks to everyone for coming and showing your love and support!!

The top photo shows the shop in the first week of business last year, and the second photo shows todays interior. Always changing....

I look forward to many more years to come!

Summer Sale

Celebrate summer and re-decorate with beautiful furniture and accessories from K & Co.!

Enjoy 20-30% sale on selected items now through the end of August!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Have a nice weekend!!

photo via

X- benches

Poet Furniture

Matters of Style blog

Jonathan Adler



Jonathan Adler

Can´t get enough of the X-bench. Next project : make for shop!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Richard Serra paintings

Coastal Living

No shocker that I´d be a fan of Richard Serra (since I love everything that´s black and white). I love his simple yet so super chic paintings... if only I had the budget for one.
Maybe it could be a fun do at home project to try...

Instant room by Mary McDonald

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Shades of gray

Farrow & Ball - Skimming stone

Farrow & Ball - elephants breath

Farrow & Ball - cornforth white
1. Benjamin Moore Full Moon(2119-70), 2. Benjamin MooreGrey Owl (OC-52), 3. Benjamin Moore Misty Gray (2124 -60), 4. Farrow & Ball Light Gray(17), 5. Benjamin Moore Icicle(OC-60), 6. Benjamin MooreMoonshine (OC-56).

It can be the most difficult color to pick out in a paint deck, but if you get it right, it can be such a gorgeous neutral backdrop and can be paired with practically any accent color. Here are a few examples of perfect gray rooms ... and a few suggestions from the paint deck that can be worth trying out. I strongly suggest you buy a small test can to try a few samples on the wall before painting the whole room. Different lights during the day will affect the color and some shades can lean towards pink and some can go too cold. Best of luck!

All interior photos from

Peacock mirror spotted in SATC 2 market scene!

There´s a scene in the latest SATC movie where Carrie runs into her old flame Aidan at a market in Abu Dhabi (in real life Marocco). Since I was a HUGE Aidan & Carrie fan, my heart almost stopped at this exciting encounter.... but even so...I couldn´t help but notice the gorgeous mirrors hanging in the background. (for those of you who are into decorating, maybe you saw them too?!) When asking my girlfriends, who saw the movie with me, if they had noticed the cool mirrors, they all looked at me crosseyed and wondered how I could even take my eyes off Aidan for a second to spot them. I´ve seen these before, but have no idea where I can source them for my shop. Looking around at a few blogs, they apparently call them Peacock mirrors and can be found at a few retail locations around the U.S. For the true source however... I suppose it may have to involve a trip to Marocco in the near future!

Monday, June 7, 2010

home office

My boyfriend and I live in a pretty small apartment so space is limited and sometimes our stuff is all over the place. Kristian works mostly from home which makes it even more crucial for smart solutions especially when it comes to storage of papers and the likes for him to stay somewhat organized. Closet space is limited in our pad as well, but if I had an extra closet to spare I would convert it into one of these nifty home office spaces for him...

Check out these great solutions...

Friday, June 4, 2010

At home with Mikkelsen in St. Barths

The other half of the previously mentioned duo is of course Keld Mikkelsen. Along with his wife Marianne Brandi, the two have carried the brand since Malene´s departure, which has since also ventured into home decor with it´s collections for "Day Home". Denmark meets Asia in this home collection which features everything from rugs, furniture, lighting and textiles to small trinkets and interesting details. It´s right up my alley..

Above are photos from their amazing home in St. Barth´s which feature many of their Day products along with personal finds and little treasures. It´s a clear reflection of their very recognizable style and what the brand represents.
Not bad..... I´m not at all jealous!

Photos from Sköna Hem

At home with Malene Birger in Copenhagen

One half of the creative design duo Birger et Mikkelsen is Malene Birger, a young, ambitious and of course very stylish professional who created the brand along with partner Keld Mikkelsen back in 1997. With highly succesful womens and mens collections, the brand has certainly made a mark in Scandinavian fashion. In 2002 Malene decided to leave the company and has since started her own brand, "By Malene Birger" and just recently opened her gorgeous flagship store in the center of Stockholm. Enter the shop and you are in creamy heaven.... the shop is so beautifully decorated with muted soft interiors and rows of neutral colored clothes with a distinct attention to details. Flowy dresses and jackets withs sparkling beads and pearls.

Her home in Copenhagen reflects the same neutral interiors and focus on details. Typical Scandinavian white backgrounds but with little interesting details picked up from travels around the world. What´s not to love here?

All photos from Sköna Hem.