Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pic of the week..

I haven´t posted my favorite picture of the week in a long time so I thought I´d do that today.
Tomorrow is a national holiday in Sweden when we celebrate summer and eat, drink and sing all day long. I love Midsummer, and this year, my boyfriend and I are heading down to the west coast of Sweden for a long weekend at his family´s house by the ocean. It´s one of my favorite places... sand dunes and cliffs and the most serene national park that stretches all along the waterline. All of this just a hop and skip away from the house. The landscape down there is so beautiful and this time of year the park is filled with horses that are let out there for the summer. The nature is completely unspoiled and people take good care in keeping it that way. Here´s a picture I took last summer we were there... I think one day I might blow it up really big and hang on the wall at home since I love horses.

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