Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Peacock mirror spotted in SATC 2 market scene!

There´s a scene in the latest SATC movie where Carrie runs into her old flame Aidan at a market in Abu Dhabi (in real life Marocco). Since I was a HUGE Aidan & Carrie fan, my heart almost stopped at this exciting encounter.... but even so...I couldn´t help but notice the gorgeous mirrors hanging in the background. (for those of you who are into decorating, maybe you saw them too?!) When asking my girlfriends, who saw the movie with me, if they had noticed the cool mirrors, they all looked at me crosseyed and wondered how I could even take my eyes off Aidan for a second to spot them. I´ve seen these before, but have no idea where I can source them for my shop. Looking around at a few blogs, they apparently call them Peacock mirrors and can be found at a few retail locations around the U.S. For the true source however... I suppose it may have to involve a trip to Marocco in the near future!

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