Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Old sofa - new fabric

I found these images on one of my favorite blogs.. absolutely beautiful things, and thought it was such a great marriage of old and new. If you have an old piece of furniture or upholstery that you think has seen its better days, the best way to give it a facelift is with a new fabric. Rita Konig, daughter of Nina Campbell (the famous textile designer), has recovered her old sofa and given it a whole new look. This fabric is by China Seas and although it has a modern sensibility, looks great on her antique furniture. Makes such a difference!

Rita Konig used to be part of the great Domino team (the incredible magazine that unfortunately went out of business) and now blogs for the New York Times.

China Seas has a huge collection of great prints and can now be seen in my shop. Please visit me for samples and more info. (click on Textiles/fabrics.. and quadrille)

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