Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Love is all around!

Glass dome paperweight from John Derian only at K & Co.

Elegant in black and white

A more relaxed royal couple on vacation

Beautiful view of Stockholm´s Old Town and Riddarlholmen

View of posh Strandvägen with the sailboats and outdoor cafes along the canal

With the upcoming wedding of Sweden´s Crown Princess Viktoria and her fiance Daniel Westling, Stockholm is all about love lately. Swedes have been waiting for this day since the beautiful couple met 9 years ago and Stockholm is taking every opportunity to capitalize on the event, but mostly to celebrate the happy occasion. It seems every business has added at least one product specially designed for the royal wedding. Chocolatiers are making the "wedding chocolate or Bröllops chokladen" as we´d say in Swedish, ice cream makers have a special Ice cream and every shop in town have created something that has to do with Love and our Queen-to-be´s special day. You don´t have to be invited to the wedding to want to buy my cute and very appropriate "LOVE" paperweight from John Derian, it´s a nice way to express the sentiment to your own sweetheart. The countdown is on and during two weeks leading up to the June 19 nuptuals, Stockholm is participating in a citywide festival to celebrate the young couple. For anyone who hasn´t been to our beautiful city, this is a great time to plan a trip. The weather is gorgeous, the trees and flowers are in full bloom and all of us who thought the winter and cold weather would never end, are spending every possible minute at outdoor cafes and parks, happily enjoying the warmer temperatures. For someone who does a lot of complaining during the brutally cold winter months, I must say I am a much happier person come spring time. Gone are the long dreary dark days and here are blue skies and endless daylight. I´m in love with Stockholm this time of year. There´s no better place to be.... at least for the next 3 months.

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  1. Älskar verkligen brevpressen! Kommer förbi din butik inom kort, det är dags att utöka min samling med en sån här!!

    /anna k