Friday, May 14, 2010

Design Spotlight - Bill Sullivan

One of my many favorite collaborations while working with Brian McCarthy in New York was with Bill Sullivan, magnificent sculptor and artist, who did some amazing work for us through the years. For our project in Los Angeles, Bill sculpted four incredible console tables which were gilded and fitted with marble tops and decorated the walls of the oval dining room at our client´s Bel Air residence. He also made a pair of beautiful white plaster consoles in the shape and feel of drape tables which were placed in the immense gallery below art by the likes of Avery and DeKooning. It was an incredible experience for me to see the creative and inspirational ideas by Brian being translated into real pieces by Bill. We worked together through the process from Brian´s idea to Bill´s drawing and finally from miniature sample to life size piece of furniture put in place at our clients home. One of my favorite pieces that Bill makes is his "Cape Linden" mirror with its stunning white scalloped frame. It fits perfectly in any interior, whether it´s a formal, traditional Park Avenue apartment or a Malibu beach house. Above is a photo of the mirror seen in a couple of different interiors.
Besides being the very best at what he does, Bill is the most genuine and kind person to work with, and was one of many wonderful people who made this project so special.

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