Friday, May 28, 2010

How to...decorate your summer beach house

Lighting is key and this lantern makes a big statement. Center it in the room and dim to a nice comfortable setting.

How great are these?? I love the irregular shape and the greeny beige color. Would look great flanking the sofa...

This fun octopus candlestick gave me the inspiration for the direction of the room, for textiles and overall feel... I love the white porcelain sea urchin and the metal legs and thought the room would be focused around the ocean... appropriate don´t you think?

Lulu DK makes some amazing and fun prints and I especially love the print on the left.. this also comes in a beautiful navy blue colorway but I couldn´t find a picture of it. But the print is fabulous as is... and can be matched with any of her geometrics and colorful stripes.
I think I´ll make some curtains in this print.

This black cabinet is from IKEA so this is the only piece that can´t be purchased in my shop... but I thought this was a really good looking cabinet. Fill it up with your favorite things.. some beautiful books, picture frames with photos of friends and family and maybe throw in some John Derian plates on acrylic stands for decoration. Corals and shells can be beautiful decoration as well...
You can´t ever go wrong with a classic Howard Sofa... especially in crisp white linen set against the black turned legs. I love!

Place the sofa opposite a pair of wicker chairs with white cushions ...

Keep it natural and install a large seagrass rug. As opposed to sisal, sea grass has a much softer feel under foot which can be appreciated when running around barefoot all summer. It also has a bit of a waxy finish to it which fights off dirt and stains making it easy to maintain.

Nesting tables are easily placed anywhere in the room and these are really good looking with the metal base and smoky mirrored tops. Scatter in different places or group together.. whatever works for you and the space

These little trees are a pain to keep alive but it´s worth a try... plants of any kind will help bring some life to the room. These myrtle trees have to be moist at all times.. don´t let them dry out and they should survive the summer...

Keep with the natural textures and materials and hang a stunning mirror on the wall made of coconut shells. Comes in both white and black. I like the black if you have bare white walls... it makes for a nice contrast.
Finally, add some pillows in geometric patterns to offset the whimsy of the coral print... and add a cozy mohair throw to keep you warm during chilly nights.

Last but not least.... this shell sconce below is sure to make a good conversation starter... it´s fairly big and has a soft light inside to add a light glow to the room.

I love the city life, but in the summer I wish I had a beach house to stay at during the weekends. I crave being near the water and luckily I´m surrounded by it, living in a city like Stockholm. But nothing compares to the ocean and the fresh breeze and salty air.

Here´s a few ideas how to decorate your own beach house...

* All fabrics/furniture and products used in this look are available through K & Co. Please contact me for more details.

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