Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Every girl´s dream : walk in closets

My very first own apartment in New York was small but really cozy and had a gorgous view of the Statue of Liberty. Despite it´s small square footage, it had a really nice-size walk in closet. I contemplated tearing down the wall and making a small bedroom out of it, but finally decided to live out my dream of having my very own little dressing room. It was pretty organized and had a big dresser along with ample hanging space for dresses and plenty of shelves for all my shoes. It wasn´t anything like Carrie Bradshaw´s closet with endless designer labels, but it was my own and I was happy.
I think in my next home, I will have to convince my boyfriend to turn one of the smaller bedrooms into a dressing room....

top two pictures of Carrie´s closets - unknown
remaining photos from

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