Saturday, August 21, 2010


I am feeling desperately homesick lately. I haven´t been in New York since March and it feels like it´s time to go back again. Unfortunately due to work (and lack of money) I can´t jump on a plane quite yet. But oh how I wish I could...

My saturdays in NY were so great... I'd wake up and take my dog for a nice long walk through the tree-lined streets of Brooklyn Heights, down through Cobble Hill and Carroll Gardens... stop for an Iced caramel Machiato at Starbucks on my way home and sit on one of the park benches on the promenade and look out over the skyline.
Then Spinning class at my gym around the corner for an hour and after that I´d clean my apartment while watching cooking shows with Barefoot Contessa and Giada diLaurentis. It was so relaxing even though I was dusting and vacuuming all over the place. Later on I´d take the train to West 4th street and walk around the West Village and meet up with friends for window shopping and mani/pedis. Saturday nights were usually date night and spent at some cozy NY restaurant with amazing atmosphere and delicious food.

Just thinking about it makes me want to be there in a heartbeat... if only I could click the heels of my shoes and magically get myself over there. Just like Dorothy in "Somewhere over the Rainbow"
there´s no place like home... there´s no place like home... there´s no place like home..

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