Thursday, August 19, 2010

Antique prints

I have a love for antique prints and luckily for me one of my father´s best friends is a huge collector and expert on the area. On occasion he calls me up and tells me he has some fabulous prints available and I jump at the chance of owning some. Most recently he gave me a stack of small prints with beautiful people in costumes from around the world. Now I just have to pick out my favorites...

I think I´ll frame some of these and hang them at random in my shop and see if anyone thinks they are as beautiful as I do... some I think I´ll have to take home and keep for myself.
That´s the way it goes when owning a shop... some for me.. and some for sale. I hand pick and select things that I really love, so naturally it´s hard to part with some of it.

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