Saturday, September 3, 2011

Project published in "Sköna Hem"

I am so excited and very proud to say that one of my first projects here in Stockholm was just published in the latest issue of "Sköna Hem". Here are the beautiful pictures all taken by incredible photographer Anne Nyblaeus . For the full story... please purchase the latest issue now in newstands all over Sweden. For my international readers... check back on Sköna Hem´s website where they´ll soon post the whole article (and if I get my hands on a scanner I´ll put the article here as well).

Interior design by : Kristina Lifors Interior Design
Photos : Anne Nyblaeus


  1. Hej! Helt fantastiskt hem. Saknar den här typen av ombonad inredning i Sverige. Jag undrar om du vet var den gula överkastet är från? Hittade ingen information om det i tidningen. Tack på förhand!

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