Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Furniture arrangement with Carl Malmsten sofa

I had a consultation meeting with a client this weekend and helped them with the furniture arrangement in their very large living room as well as suggest furniture and lighting to work with the plan.

To bring focus to the rooms beautiful fireplace I suggested centering the furniture plan in the middle of the room and create several different seating areas for the family and their many friends who often come for visits.

The seating plan called for two sofas; one large 3-seater that I want to upholster in a gorgeous rusty orange linen, and perpendicular to that, a smaller lighter piece opposite the fireplace in a more neutral fabric. All pulled together with a large area rug, a big square coffee table and two vintage leather armchairs.

To avoid two sofas taking too much of the visual space, I suggested a lighter shape with wooden legs coming off the floor a bit to open up the space. I thought of a sofa by Carl Malmsten which is called "Samspel" and looks kind of like a camelback sofa. Malmsten was Sweden´s most famous furniture designer and created pieces in the 50´s and 60´s that are as beautiful and relevant today. Malmsten was born in 1888 and lived until 1972. The shapes are light and flowing, elegant yet understated. There are a few companies manufacturing new pieces today but you can also find models at auction which is great when you want to add your own flair with a handpicked fabric.

I´m going to scour the different auctions and see what I can find...
above are a few of Carl Malmstens different designs.

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  1. Kul att läsa din blogg! Du kanske redan har sett den här men annars gå in på Bukowskismarket,, den finns ute nu. /Jeanina